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Volunteering for Medical Reserve Corps

What Can MRC Volunteers Do?

Medical Reserve Corps members support local public health initiatives and the goals of the Department of Health and Human Services:

Some of the roles MRC volunteers may fill:

  • Volunteers with medical background may assist with vaccinations and light first aid.
  • Volunteers may assist people filling out consent forms and record forms.
  • Help guide people through medication dispensing sites, feeding sites, shelter sites.
  • Comforting and counseling may be provided to the people affected by an emergency or disaster.
  • Help obtaining, dispensing and tracking of needed supplies.
  • Assist local hospitals and health departments with surge personnel needs.
  • Participate in community preparedness activities, such as exercises for shelters, mass prophylaxis, vaccination clinics, and other emergency scenarios.
  • Train with local emergency response partners.
  • Assist at aide stations at community events

How do I join the Bureau/Putnam or Marshall County Medical Reserve Corps?

There are several ways to join the MRC:

You can also obtain an application by:

  • Calling the Bureau, Putnam, Marshall County Health Department at 815-872-5091.
  • Stopping by the local Bureau, Putnam or Marshall County Health Department office to pick up an application.

For more information:

To learn more about the Bureau, Putnam and Marshall County Medical Reserve Corps, contact

Terry Madsen at, or 815-872-5091

Kurt Kuchle at, or 815-872-5091

Kaylee Halberg at, or 309-246-8074

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