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Dental Health Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below and click on each question to view it's answer.

Do you see children?

YES our office will see children from the age of four and up. However a referral to a pediatric dentist might be needed, if your child is anxious or unable to cooperate with our dental team.

Do you see adults?

Yes. A limited number of appointments for adults are available.

Does the clinic offers treatment for Special needs or handicapped patients?

Our office offers an accessible treatment room. However treatment for "special needs patients" might be referred out to a specialized clinic/program. Every case will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Can my 17 year old bring his 6 year old sister to their appointment?

Unfortunately all patients under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during an office visit.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend or other family member bring my child to his/her appointment?

They can, if BEFORE the appointment, you submit a signed and notarized statement authorizing them to do so. The person you authorize must be 18 yrs or older. ONLY a biological parent or legal guardian can sign such permit.

Can I schedule an initial appointment for a cleaning only?

Our clinic will not schedule a cleaning until a complete dental exam has been completed by our attending dentist.

Are dental x-rays really necessary?

YES. Many diseases, lesions, and conditions can only be detected with the use of dental x-rays. It is impossible to see directly between the teeth or under the gums or bone without the use of a x-ray. Dental x-rays can detect disease much sooner than the clinical examination alone. This enables the dentist to identify problems early so that pain and extensive, costly treatment can be avoided.

Will I need to make arrangements for Pre-Medication?

Yes, if you know that you need to be premedicated, you must request medication from your physician for your first visit with us. If we have any further concerns, we will send a consultation to your physician.

What does the initial visit include?

For a new patient that has never been seen by our office the first visit will consist of X-rays and an examination by the dentist. If you are a child, a cleaning, sealants and fluoride might also be performed. Rarely will there be any other procedures on your fist visit.

Do you accept Medicaid/ public aid/ medical card?

Yes. As long as you are eligible. Your eligibility varies and it is determined by the State of Illinois not by our office. You must bring a current and valid public aid card (medical card) with you for every visit. If you don't, you might not be able to receive treatment.

Does public aid covers every dental treatment I or my child need?

NO. There are different levels of coverage. Usually the coverage for children is better that the coverage for adults. Please note that NOT every treatment you or your dependant might need is covered or offered in our clinic.

Is public aid responsible for my bill?

NO. You are ultimate responsible for all charges, if public aid reject any claims, for dental services rendered to you or your family.

Are you accepting new patients?

YES we are! At the present time, our office is accepting minors (ages 4 to 17) without restrictions. A limited number of appointments for adults (18 and older) are available.

Does your office use Nitrous Gas (laughing gas) or IV Sedation?

NO. In the majority of cases, a local anesthetic (Lidocaine) is used during treatment. In some cases, for extreme anxious adults, an anxiety premedication might be used at the discretion of our attending doctor.

What is the difference between Lidocine and IV Sedation?

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that numbs just a particular area of the mouth. IV sedation is a conscious sedation where the patient is awake for the procedure and aware of their surroundings, but doesn't feel or remember anything about the procedure. An agent is injected into a vein for IV sedation.

I'm pregnant; can I come in for a dental visit?

Sure, as long as the necessary X-rays have been taken prior to your pregnancy. Generally only a limited number of X-rays can be taken while you are pregnant. Routine dental procedures can be done while you are pregnant. Elective surgery procedures should be postponed. We require that you obtain a release form from your OBGYN, indicating that you can be seen in a dental office.

I have no insurance and bad credit, but I can not get a medical card. Do I have any options?

For those patients that qualify under certain income guidelines, you may be able to access our services, which are charged at a reduced fee compared to private dental clinics.

Do you accept private insurance?

NO. At this time our office does not accept any type of private dental insurance. However, if you meet the income guidelines to qualify as a private patient of our office and have access to our reduced fees, our office can prepare the insurance forms for your insurance company, so you can get directly reimbursed. Please note that you will have to cover all your expenses directly with our office, before we sign any forms.

Do you offer any payment plans for services not covered by the medical card?

Generally because our fees are already lower than private practice, we are unable to offer payment plans. Under certain circumstances for procedures that require several visits, the clinic might be able to set up a limited payment plan.

Are patients expected to follow the clinic or health department policies?

YES! All patients are expected to follow the clinic and the health department policies. Failure to do so may render you ineligible to be seen in our office.

How do I set up an appointment?

You can set up an appointment by phone, by calling (815) 872-1927 or by visiting our office located at the Bureau County Health Department in Princeton, during office hours. Please have or bring your current medical card.

We hope this FAQ has helped answer many of your questions and concerns.

If you have any further questions please us at theBureau County Dental Clinic, (815) 872-1927.

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